Career – Digital Media Specialist – Geneva

Wanted: Digital Media Specialist

We have a great team. But it will be even greater with an additional in-house Digital Media Specialist to run a number of online campaigns.

We need you to be damn good

As an experienced Digital Media specialist, you master the secrets behind a successful digital campaign. Facebook and Adword are your playgrounds. Your inner world is full with mysterious acronyms and concepts such as CPA, CPC,  content creation, keyword planning, reporting and so on.

You just looooove numbers, even more so when you can trap them in nice tables and play with them all day long. And that doesn’t stop you from knowing how to write amazing content. You’re the kind of person to A/B test the coffee brand your mom loves best before getting her Christmas gift.

You know that „the devil is in the details“ so you always go to the bottom of things. Of course, you speak fluent English. You are a natural-born cloud service user and very comfortable with Google Drive, Trello and Slack.

You are so damn good that it is hard finding a team worthy of your talents. Well, your long wait is over. Join Enigma.

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