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Nowadays, anyone who knows a bit about the internet and coding is able to create and own a website. Many have been designing the most beautiful websites day after day. But at Enigma, we are business-oriented and so we always challenge the benefit of a beautiful website with no visitors!

Having a beautifully designed website or landing page that nobody is visiting, is like having a luxury shop in the middle of a desert… well, except for that Prada store in Texas! But that’s the only exception.

You want your website not only to be found but also visited, and this is where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can help you.

The core mission and value of SEO lies in making your website more visible in the Search Results Pages (SERPs) or in other words, to make sure you rank better for specific keywords and drive more traffic as a consequence. SEO can also help you if you’re looking to reduce the costs of your online advertising.

But how do we do that and where does the magic come into play? Well, we use the best SEO techniques to reach your potential customers where they actually are!

Succeed in your SEO
Search Engine Optimization

Analyze & optimize

We analyze data, positions in the SERPs and create a specific strategy for your website to outrank the competition. At Enigma, we have the best strategists and technicians working together hand in hand to design efficient SEO strategies. Technical SEO, semantic analysis & optimization or netlinking will be adapted to your needs. Once the strategy is validated, the real deal starts with your SEO campaign coming to live.

Search Engine Optimization

Customized SEO strategies

No matter if we are working locally, internationally, only for mobile or for an e-reputation mission, our team of experts will always tackle the SEO pillars listed below.

Technical audit
We always start with a technical audit of your site. This 360 ° audit allows us to identify potential problems related to criteria defined in Google’s best practices, such as indexing, redirections, source code errors, sitemap.xml, robots.txt, page loading time…

Semantic analysis & optimization
Together we define your strategic keywords and check on the competitions positioned keywords. We also list the relevant content that needs to be produced to answer your target queries.
We’ll be mainly working on the following:

  • meta tags (titles, meta descriptions)
  • Hn tags or heading tags (H1, H2, etc.)
  • alt attributes for images
  • URLs

SEO netlinking
Reaching top 3 positions in Google is almost impossible without an effective netlinking strategy. We’ll help you make the most of your existing links, internal links and backlinks, but we also search and develop new ones, stronger ones.

Search Engine Optimization

Enigma, your SEO partner


We provide quick wins

Quick wins help you address SEO mistakes in no time. SEO is a complex process but with some quick fixes, you can already improve your ranking simply by modifying specific elements while the bigger process comes into motion.

We work with the best copywriters

Our copywriters create new texts for your website or re-work existing content so they perfectly fit your SEO needs without hurting your brand or users experience.

We optimize, always

Optimization is part of our DNA at Enigma but for this to happen we play by the book of this one unique rule “You can’t optimize what you can’t measure”. Tracking is key and we will analyze ranking over time to help you steadily improve your SEO and visibility.

Our SEO Services


Rank better or outrank the competition

SEO is like a sport where you have to know your opponent really well. Analyzing the SERPs, how you rank and in front of which competitors is key to master your visibility in search engines.

Rock for Mobile or Apps

Mobile search is on the rise, mobile content even determines your ranking and so it could drive sales. You definitely want to tackle this topic in your strategy.


E-reputation is the way you are perceived on the internet and on digital platforms. Since a good reputation facilitates sales, it is crucial to keep an eye on your online reputation.
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Local and international SEO

Where do you want your website to be visible ? Where are your prospects ? In which language do you want to talk to them ? Having a local or international strategy depends on your business but you need to be ready online for this too.

YouTube SEO

The transcripts, captions and subtitles of your videos are essential for your YouTube SEO strategy. The videos can be optimized for search within YouTube but also outside by optimizing your channel, playlists, meta data, description, and the videos themselves.

SEO monitoring

It’s important that you monitor your SEO activities to gain insights into which activities lead to better rankings and lead conversions. With the right tool you can track and analyze the results and keep up with any changes. Most importantly, it allows you to react fast and optimize.

SEO Coaching for your business

Our team of specialists is happy to coach you in SEO matters. In a workshop adapted to your needs they pass on the SEO knowledge you need to improve your business.
Search Engine Optimization

Let's do this together!

We can help you reach your SEO goals ? Just drop us a line to get in touch. We’re looking forward to exploring new territories with you.
Search Engine Optimization

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Search Engine Optimization

Let's do this together!

We can help you reach your SEO goals ? Just drop us a line to get in touch. We’re looking forward to exploring new territories with you.
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Search Engine Optimization

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Search Engine Optimization

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