SEO services in Switzerland

SEO services in Switzerland

We create your winning strategy for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our broad range of SEO services for Swiss companies helps you display your web contents right where people are looking for them

Why SEO matters?

Nowadays, anyone who knows a bit about computers and internet is able to own a website. Many entrepreneurs design the most beautiful websites day by day. But what is the benefit of a website with no visitors? This is where SEO (Search engine optimization) can help you.

Having a beautifully designed website or landing page is like having a luxury shop in the middle of a desert where nobody never goes by! If you want to reduce the costs of your online advertising and pay attention to search engines, following SEO rules is essential to optimize your website. We use the best SEO techniques to reach your potential customers.

SEO results

  1. Highest rankings in Search Engines.
  2. To bring a large amount of relevant organic traffic.
  3. To increase brand awareness.
  4. To increase your sales with cost-effective solutions.

How we do SEO in Switzerland

Create a strategy for your SEO campaigns
At Enigma, we have the best strategists to design the most beneficial SEO strategy. Once the strategy is validated, the set up of SEO campaigns will start. With a clear plan, there is no such things as unsuccessful SEO campaigns.

Our SEO process

SEO services process in Switzerland

Let's talk about SEO

We are glad to meet you and discuss SEO tricks and strategy for your business. Explore more in the below

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Our SEO services

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  • Set up SEO goals

    Before proceeding first, we need to consider and estimate the shortcomings and weaknesses of your website structure, SEO and online marketing. Then we can analyze the process more accurately and thoroughly.

  • Result-oriented SEO in Switzerland

    Many companies claim to be proficient in SEO. So what exactly does set us apart from other SEO companies in Switzerland? Well, for your online business, we design specific strategies for applying SEO techniques and solutions. We can guarantee real and visible results.

  • SEO analysis and spying on competitors

    The structural analysis of your website and your competitors is an essential step in the SEO process to get a top ranking in search engines.

  • Keywords research and document relevancy

    Your business is here to solve problems that internet users are experiencing, right? Well, then your first steps should be creating new content based on the needs of the internet users. And then optimize it with relevant keywords used by your audience. We use best-in-class tools to extract the most important keywords and discover the needs of your users and visitors.

  • On-page optimization

    It is the search engine job to give the users the exact thing they are looking for. Our job as marketers is to create this content for the users. Leveraging the best practices in the field, we assist you in designing and writing content, and also optimizing your web pages.

  • Off-page SEO

    In SEO, link building is one of the most important factors. With these three techniques linking out, internal link and backlinks, we will provide you with the best guidance and collaboration. Of course, while working with us, you will be touched with other mysteries about SEO process.

  • SEO for Google

    Over 90% of the seekers click on organic results. Ranking on the first page is trustworthy and positive.

    Google has different criteria and ranking factors, according to which the website is evaluated. According to this rating, it is decided where Google places the websites to the keywords you want. Essentially, search engines are technically barrier-free without obstacles and deliver the best possible content for the user.

from 2010

Local and international SEO

Do you have a physical address? Do you do on-site work for your clients? Local SEO is the act of optimizing for business with a physical address. Queries with a location-specific intent are handled in a different way by Google.
Beside the application of regular SEO techniques and through the review of your business we discover the needs of your website. Afterwards, we take pre-designed steps to perform international and local SEO adjustments. Our goal here is to rank your web pages to the first local rankings and in target countries.

Youtube SEO

YouTube SEO is the act of driving relevant traffic from your Youtube channel to your website. If you can provide value to users with videos, make it part of your digital marketing funnel. 80% of Google-indexed videos are on YouTube. We can help you with actions:

Optimizing YouTube videos on YouTube.
Optimizing YouTube videos on Google.
Optimizing non-YouTube videos on Google.

With the help of SEO, your prospective customers become your lifelong customers. Please read our article about SEO for Swiss companies to get more information and a complete overview of SEO implementation in your business.

SEO optimization for Swiss companies

Local SEO optimization in Switzerland
SEO monitoring

Real and excellent results will answer the efforts you make in SEO. Using Google analytics and Google tag manager, we will be able to track and monitor your results.
Coaching SEO for your business

Do you want to learn more about SEO and know how to implement it? We can organize a coaching session and give you tips. We will help you make your content Google-friendly, so that you can reach the top of Google with all your articles, blog posts and landing pages.
Which one should you choose, SEO or SEA?

Did you know that 90% of Google users only click on organic results? This means that only 10% of searchers pay attention to Google Adwords. Nevertheless, both SEO and SEA are needed for your business. Structuring website and web pages with SEO techniques can lower your SEA costs. So first optimize with SEO, and then continue with SEA in a second step.

How much does SEO cost?

Undoubtedly, SEO is not a cost. It’s a clever and wise investment that will reduce your advertising costs in the short and long term. It will increase the effective traffic of your website as well. To evaluate the costs, we need to meet you. We will then come up with the necessary investment so we can perform SEO based on your business goals.

SEO is not a cost


“Based on my observation of enigma abilities, I strongly believe she has the potential to be an outstandingly agency in your country. I therefore recommend her for admission to your master’s program. Please do not”

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Let's talk about SEO

We are glad to meet you and discuss SEO tricks and strategy for your business.

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