Nous sommes partis explorer de nouveaux mondes et guider nos clients à travers des territoires qui bougent. Rejoins notre expédition!

Pourquoi travailler chez Enigma?

Travailler chez Enigma est à la fois intense et incroyablement enrichissant. Pour aider nos clients à devenir exceptionnels, nous devons être excellents – et conserver une certaine avance.

C’est pourquoi nous évoluons sans cesse: nous testons de nouveaux outils ou les créons nous-mêmes. Nous réinventons nos processus en essayant de faire mieux chaque jour.

Il n’y a pas de routine chez Enigma. Et c’est justement pour cela que tu vas adorer travailler avec nous.

Si tu as envie de rejoindre l’équipe, la suite va se passer en anglais, puisque c’est notre langue de travail.

Je peux commencer quand ?

Some of the benefits of working for Enigma


Distributed Governance

Our hierarchy has always been flat but with distributed governance individual people have even more opportunities and more responsibilities. We improved our teamwork by breaking down the silos between teams and thinking in circles.

Flexible working locations

With your laptop you can work from anywhere you want as long as you have a stable internet connection, and are available during our business hours. This can be at your home, at one of our offices or anywhere else you dream of.

Shadow Shares

We want our team to be part of the company and profit when things are going well. With our Shadow Shares teammates can get their own part of Enigma.


Our Head of Talent & Administration has a few more skills up her sleeve. She brings a decade of experience as a yoga teacher and our teammates frequently benefit from it.
Meet Nadine


Working as digital nomads has many benefits but we believe that being together as a team every now and then is still crucial. To always remember to be human we launched Enigma retreats in 2021. We go abroad, we work, we spend time together, we have fun.
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Open positions for audacious people

These are our current open positions – if it’s listed, it’s open! Please apply via this page.

Or via this link below

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