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The world is going through one of the most exciting and transformative times in the digital age. As new technologies, processes and tools emerge every day, at Enigma, we embrace new ways of looking at everything around us. As creative explorers, we make each of our projects a great adventure, drawing on the skills, passions, and differences of every teammate. Because differences are game changers. 

Being part of the Enigma team means more than helping our clients get new prospects and customers; we believe in them and support their ambitions until they are where they need to be. Our digital knowledge and understanding of the human mind allow us to help businesses acquire the customers they seek, politicians win the votes they need for change, and NGOs save the world. Wherever they are. 

In 2022, we’re all yearning for more. More meaning. More opportunities. More passion. At Enigma, we help our precious clients get more by telling their epic stories, crafting innovative strategies, creating stunning designs, and building a community. Because community is at the heart of humanity, right?

We need each other to create a more inspiring, sustainable and bright future across all industries. We need open-mindedness, collaboration, creativity and empathy. We need you, and many others, to realize our vision for tomorrow. 

That’s why we stick together at Enigma. 

When can I start?

Principle benefits of working at Enigma


Distributed Governance

Our hierarchy has always been flat, but with distributed governance, individual people have even more opportunities and more responsibilities. We improved our teamwork by breaking down the barriers between teams and thinking in circles.

Flexible Working Locations

With your laptop, you can work from anywhere you want as long as you have a stable internet connection and are available during our business hours. This can be at your home, at one of our offices or anywhere else you dream of.

Shadow Shares

We want our team to be part of the company and profit when things are going well. With our Shadow Shares, teammates can get their own piece of Enigma.


Working as digital nomads has many benefits, but we believe that being together as a team every now and then is still crucial. In 2021, we launched Enigma retreats, so that we always remember to be human. We go abroad, we work, we spend time together and we simply have fun.
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Some other benefits of working at Enigma


Flexible working hours


Possibility of part-time work (80%)


Newest Macbook at your disposal


Remote work (base camps, field offices, etc...)


Reimbursement of mobile phone expenses


Cool team and working atmosphere (games, happy hours, lunch)


Latest tools, applications, systems


We are closed during Christmas and New Year


Distributed leadership organization (self- organization, holacracy)


(Online) team activities (coffee breaks, workout challenges, hangouts)

Open positions for audacious people

These are our current open positions – if it’s listed, it’s open! Please apply via this page.

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