February 5, 2021

Growth Hacking for B to C

Growth hacking is a complex concept that is meant to help businesses grow. Instead of being a simple set of rules and tactics to follow, growth hacking entails a data-driven approach that helps the company achieve results over time. It is not surprising that this concept relates to online marketing and the growth tactics and hacks used when it comes to B2C. Below, we tell you everything you need to know about the growth hacking process for a business to customers and growth strategies that could be useful for your operations.

What Does Growth Hacking Mean?

Growth hackers experiment across the marketing channel to help a business expand fast. A lot of start-ups and small firms use these strategies to test and ensure growth in a short period, preferably not years because they may not have enough money to spend on advertisements. Through growth hacking, a business can get scores of clients for a lower price but certainly not for free. They make sure that the rapid experimentation process is well-defined, real-time, and can eventually become successful. Growth hacking can be used to grow both b2c and b2b growth beyond the lead generation stage.

So, many may ask, what makes a good growth hacker?

A good growth hacker can select the right framework for a company and work through it to implement it using the right digital tools. He/she ensures that they do not only acquire customers but keep them engaged throughout the customer journey and do more than topping on the search engine.

What is growth hacking in digital marketing?

Growth marketing and digital marketing are inter-related. As a growth hacker, you would need the right digital marketing tools to make your venture a success. However, the tools that will not only drive traffic to your site and help you with customer acquisition but also cater to other aspects of growth such as referral marketing.

How do I start growing hacking?

Below, we highlight some of the growth hacks that will get you through the sales cycle for your product or service whether you are aiming for b2b and b2c growth.

Invest in Social Media Platforms which your competitors Have Not Yet Explored

Many companies with products that are in competitive fields tend not to do well on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. You can look at a way smaller social media platforms when testing as you may benefit you according to your niche. Being dominant on social media instead of your competitors gives you traction over them. This is the growth hack that works best for many companies who want new customers or new users or are launching a new product.

Attend Local Events

You may feel too big for local events, but this is one of the tried and tested methods that promote growth. Going offline and attending events in your locality can open new avenues for you as you meet new people. Niche-specific events are especially beneficial because they can help you interact with potential customer clients and people who you can ask about your product.

Open Communication Channels

Email marketers tend to invest in do-not-reply addresses. However, an email address like this closes up any possibilities for communication. However, walking down the unconventional road of allowing your subscriber list to email back can be rewarding. They can send back comments, questions and even answer questions in these return emails. This allows you to see and gain high-quality, first-hand information from your audience and potentially get new visitors.

Consider your Landing Page Layout

Your landing page may be the least of your worries, but if it doesn’t pique the interest of your clients, chances are, it is going to impede your growth. If you have tested everything on your site and the conversion rate is low, you should look at things from a different perspective. For example, apart from the landing page, it is best to look at your blog posts and entire content marketing strategy for your business.

These are some of the tactics that you can use as you experiment with your growth. Feel free to read up and find out more tactics that could be useful for your business.

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