Marketing and Communication Plan

Develop an effective strategy for your company.
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Marketing and communication plan

A guideline for your successful marketing and communication plan

Marketing and communication plan

The Performance Strategy System

Enigma has a unique process to create outstanding marketing and communication strategies called: The Performance Strategy System.

This system alternates convergent and divergent phases.


The first part is a focus on the company, its competitors and the environment: what’s happening in the societal, economic or technological fields right now? What will it mean in the coming years?


The exploration opens up the reflection as we research different potential communication scenarios.


Finally, the strategic phase converges and reduces the uncertainty until having a proper marketing or communication plan. The combination of these phases ensures performance and risk reduction.

Marketing and communication services


Full Potential Analysis

Like our brains, a brand or company usually only uses part of its capabilities. Seeking your “full potential” is the first step to identify and highlight the points and areas for improvement.

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Marketing and communication plan

Creating outperforming strategies

Strategic marketing communication works like a spotlight; it allows you to focus solely on the people you want to reach and the relationships you want to build. With an integrated marketing and communication strategy, you can create powerful, focused and targeted messages.

The Performance Strategy System allows us to create individualized marketing and communication strategies that cater to your needs. Our team of strategists and specialists accompanies you every step of the way to create your unique outperforming marketing and communication plan.

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We create tailor-made strategies

The Performance Strategy System is Enigma’s unique approach. We developed, thoroughly tested, and refined this method from our experience over the years.

We identify your potential

With the Full Potential Analysis, we developed a tool to analyze your own and your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses. This allows us to aim your strategy in the right direction.


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From classical advertising, digital strategies to public relations: We use our creative and strategic experience and know-how to create your successful marketing and communication plan.

Marketing and communication plan

A dedicated team of experts

Thinking about a marketing and communication plan requires a very precise expertise. You need to have access to several sources of data that you need to assess and analyze in a relevant way. Moreover, you need to be able to define key insights in order to defend a marketing and communication strategy that meets the needs of the brand in a given perimeter. Learn more about our marketing and communication plan experts.
Marketing and Communication plan
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Marketing and communication plan

The key to an effective strategy

Sometimes, improving a marketing plan boils down to a few percent more expenses. If you want to conquer new markets, it requires a new way of thinking. In an ever-changing world, executing the same strategy as last year, is to fall behind. A backlog that can cost you dearly. What we’ve learned at Enigma, serving more than 300 companies and helping them in their marketing and communication, is that there is no magic recipe. Every industry is different, and we must find the right recipe for the right context. For those who want to explore new ways of communicating, we have a methodology.

The Performance Strategy System. It consists of 3 phases. Analysis, Exploration and Strategy.
We alternate convergent and emergent phases. The analysis is the first phase, it is convergent. The minimum we recommend is to carry out desk research. For this, we have several tools.
Ideally, we also carry out a field study that may be quantitative, or better qualitative.

Then we move on to an emerging phase. We draw up a list of possibilities, we explore the distribution possibilities. Influencer 2.0, Inbound Marketing, Programmatic Advertising, we explore far.

Finally, we move on to the strategy, which is convergent again. We are exploring which tools and methods will bring you the most success. And we convert this work into a budget and into an action plan. But we do more, we create a strategy map, a visual, which, allows to summarize a strategy and control that each element is connected.

Finally, we set key performance indicators because you know that We can’t optimize what we can’t measure.

Marketing and communication plan
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