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A strong and unique brand positioning is key to building relationships with your audience and to differentiate from your competitors.

Brand Identity

Based on a clear positioning, identity has to be developed. The visual elements must be chosen thoughtfully to support and sublimate the positioning. A voice has to be given to your brand, aligned with its core.


Once the positioning has been chosen and strong branding is developed, these visuals can be reimagined to use with diverse marketing elements. Our specialists in design, print, digital media and UX/UI will be able to create variations of your identity, in order to blend seamlessly with all necessary corporate material.

Change Management

A new brand is more than changing a logo. People will be the new brand, and they will be the voice of the company. Understanding is usually not enough to have a successful rebranding. You need people to embrace it.

Creative Footprint

The Creative Footprint is a decision tool developed by Enigma, which aligns both the strategic phase and the design phase. A Creative Footprint is used as a guide and a framework for the strategy and brand positioning. It allows us to brief the various business units and the company’s suppliers, in addition to aligning resources with the brand architecture.
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Design Sprint

The Design Sprint is a method developed by Enigma that allows us to create brandings in a very short time. You will receive three design proposals from us. The one you like best will then be adapted according to your feedback.
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Tailored Branding Solutions for Unique Identity

In the world of branding, strategic positioning is crucial to stand out in crowded industries. Our team of brand specialists, strategists, copywriters, and designers are here to help you develop your unique voice and appearance. From brand identity and logo design to storytelling and digital content creation, we offer customized solutions that ensure full brand coherence. With us, you’ll receive a comprehensive branding solution tailored to your specific needs.

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We make the brain react

We harness the power of Neuroscience. With our neuromarketing-forward approach, we develop your unique tone of voice and visual universe. Our communication strategies empower you with everything you need to become a truly fascinating brand.

Strategic Positioning

Our branding methodologies always pursue a strategic goal. We analyze your brand, look at the competition and take a deep dive into your industry. By unveiling your strengths, we position your brand strategically so you can unlock your full potential.

360° Agency

From crafting compelling stories, developing your new brand identity, to positioning your brand strategically, we use our creative, strategic experience and know-how to create brands that shine.

A dedicated team of branding experts

Branding requires a wide range of expertise, including the creation of the name, the visual universe, logo and other branding assets. Enigma has set up a team that is dedicated to achieving the best results for your project.
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