July 4, 2017

Experience Design: Virtual Reality for Better Workspaces

The Enigma lab has a research project around the future of the workspace. We already shared with you some of the studies and findings we compiled. We did that in our morning conferences, workshops with clients, and articles. Today we want to go one step further and show you how virtual reality can help you create a better workplace. What if you could test out a new workplace before building it?

To create a better workplace you sometimes need to change the interior architecture. This is a time-consuming task. The process is also hard for you because your employees can’t really imagine how it will be. How can you be sure that the changes you want to make will have a real impact? The answer is simple. You have to test it out.

Virtual Reality headsets and 3D models

one example of many headsets available on the market
VR headsets are now more easily accessible

Let me introduce you to the cheapest Virtual Reality (VR) headset available in the market: Google Cardboard. Google Cardboard is as its name says a Virtual Reality Headset that is made out of cardboard. You can find models starting at 10$. We are far away from the thousands of dollars that are needed for professional VR headsets. Not only you need a headset but you also need a powerful computer to run the software.

On the opposite, the Google Cardboard is cheap to set up. It allows you to experience Virtual Reality with a cardboard headset and your mobile phone.

How VR headset can improve your workspace

That sounds great. You can experience virtual reality apps in a cardboard. But how does this help you with your workspace issue? I think you see it coming. We can build together 3D models that your employees can experience in this VR headset. Instead of showing a nice picture of their desk you can let your employees see their future desk through their own eyes. They really feel the space. Is it too small? Is it too big?

With a bit of role play, we can find out the pains that your employees will have in that space before you build it. In such role play sessions, we give practical tasks that the employee has to play in the Virtual World. For example, we can ask them to find the printer room and then your employee will navigate in the virtual space. Your employee will be able to tell you if it is too far or if he would prefer to see it on another location. This is just one example. The testing scenarios are basically limited only by your imagination.

Join the waiting list

Be one of the first to test your future workspace like this. Our Lab is bringing out this innovative way of experiencing work environments in the next months. Join the waiting list by hitting the chat bubble on the bottom right of your screen. One of our specialists will live chat with you to discover your needs and the potential of virtual reality for your specific project.

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on July 4, 2017
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