January 26, 2011

ZAG, by Marty Neumeier

A quite intriguing book with those three giant letters ZAG was on Olivier’s office, at Enigma. I couldn’t help but borrow it! It is Alexandre Poncet’s christmas gift.

In a flow of informations where everything goes faster and further, people lose themselves.

To take its concept or brand out of unknown, Marty Neumeier’s magical solution is: “when everybody zigs, zag.” In other words: be radically different.

The ZAG is what makes us unique. The author helps us to find it, but also explains us the best way to achieve it with 17 points.

Well selected examples and a funny reading make this book very quickly read, just like a novel.

You absolutely have to read it, and entirely!

On amazon.com:

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