Benny & Leilani Reinhold

Growth Manager & Chief Unicorn Wrangler
Content is the atomic particle of all digital marketing.

Benny, Enigma’s Growth Manager, combines marketing expertise with the moniker ‘Wizard of Light Bulb Moments.’ He believes a company’s success hinges on quality and employee commitment. In his free time, he’s a versatile adventurer who hikes and styles beards, with a true passion for weightlifting. Most notably, his role as ‘Dog Daddy’ to Leilani, a cherished Enigma team member, stands out. Leilani’s journey from top dog school student to ‘Top Dog Germany’ mirrors her athletic ambition and golden heart. As ‘Chief Unicorn Wrangler’ at Enigma, she’s invaluable, ensuring both the team and unicorns thrive. Together, Benny and Leilani make an unstoppable duo, pursuing excellence in work and life.