Keep moving. Keep testing. Keep shaping. Keep changing.

What is the lab

Does your company need to be visible? Do you want to sell a new product? Or increase your market share? Enigma has a team of more than 30 campaign managers and specialists who will design and create a strong campaign just for you. Our strength lies in creating marketing advantages. We believe in performance. We use design, creativity, digital tools and cutting-edge strategies to help you distinguish your company from those of your competitors.

Enigma lab research and insights for marketing and strategy

A passion for strategy wouldn’t be complete without being able to question it. Because a strategy is only good if its refutability can be discussed. In an ever-changing environment, it’s necessary to experiment and learn in order to make the best choices and test the best ideas. Strategic research is therefore essential for increasing your own competitiveness.

Enigma’s driving principle of integrity includes a continuous process of analyzing market trends and consumer behaviors, as well as an agile and reactive thinking process for strategic solutions. Here, we present to you the Enigma lab to help support your success.