Performance Strategy System

Our main mantra ensures performance & risk reduction for agile marketing

What doesn’t yet exist requires knowledge and passion. Enigma understands the creation of a business or a brand as a holistic process. Our Performance Strategy System breaks out the branding process and gives you a global perspective on what is at stake.

An open source model, registered with a “Creative Commons” license, can be used, transformed, and copied, with the obligation of citing your source and sharing the improvements that you can add to it.

Discover the foundations of the Performance Strategy System that was developed by Enigma.

The process



Benchmarks, target analysis, best practices and worst case scenarios. Define your brand’s ecosystem in order to benefit from new opportunities and choose the way you want to grow.


Run a comprehensive audit and come up with new ways to redesign your business model.


Pick the best marketing approach and the right communication strategy for your business. Allocate your resources so as to increase the return on every dollar you invest. Improve awareness beyond your industry’s standards.


Branding strategy and design have to match perfectly: Enigma’s team is highly specialized in transversal branding.


Set up the right communication tools and design a complete conversion funnel from the ground up. Unlike other communication agencies, we go beyond traditional advertising by setting up all the tools you need to transform your prospects into clients. Our tools range from posters and brochures to websites, online campaigns and social media advertising. Enigma has all the necessary tools to run your campaign successfully.

Word of mouth

Turning your consumers into fans takes a well-rounded process. Whether you’re looking into marketing ambassadors, a VIP program, word-of-mouth with some wow effect, or service design to build loyalty, we always have a solution that is adapted to your brand. Discover the real communication 2.0.

Performance Strategy System

Our mainmantra ensures performance & risk reduction for agile marketing.
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