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Comptoir Immobilier: Website Transformation

Comptoir Immobilier

In a dynamic partnership with Enigma, Comptoir Immobilier, a venerable name in the real estate sector, undertook a strategic overhaul of its digital identity. This initiative was driven by the imperative to modernize its online presence, streamline operations with cutting-edge tools, and enhance user engagement through an intuitive website design.


Comptoir Immobilier’s ambition was clear: to rejuvenate its aging website, which was beset with outdated tools and a user experience that lagged behind modern expectations. The goal was to not only revamp the aesthetic appeal and functionality of the website, but to also integrate sophisticated tools that would propel the company towards its expansion goals in the highly competitive real estate market.

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Guided by Crista Tomic, Project Manager at Enigma, the project embarked on a comprehensive redevelopment of Comptoir Immobilier’s website. This entailed:

  • Revitalizing Design: Implementing a fresh, user-centric design to reflect the brand’s prestigious image and facilitate user engagement.
  • Integrating Powerful Tools: Seamlessly connecting the website with leading-edge tools, including Apimo for real estate listings, DeepL for translations, JobUp for job postings, PriceHubble for valuations, Resolve for financial capabilities, and ImmoAdvisor for gathering client feedback.
  • Enhancing Functionality: Introducing features like interactive property searches, detailed maps for properties and agency locations, showcases of prominent real estate projects, and a smart FAQ management system, all underpinned by SEO optimization tailored for transactional queries.
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The revitalization of Comptoir Immobilier’s website signified a pivotal shift in their digital journey, met with enthusiasm and positive acclaim from the client. This transformation not only modernized the company’s online footprint but also fortified its infrastructure with advanced functionalities and integrations, setting a new benchmark for user experience in the real estate industry.

The project’s success underscored the effectiveness of strategic digital innovation in enhancing operational efficiencies and engaging a broader audience, paving the way for Comptoir Immobilier’s continued growth and success in the digital realm. The remarkable transformation of Comptoir Immobilier’s digital presence is a testament to the collaborative expertise and vision of Enigma’s team, highlighting the transformative power of digital advancements in real estate.

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