Enigma’s 2013 Advent Calendar: an original year-end gift

Enigma Strategy & Branding unleashed its creativity in order to produce an original year-end gift: a not like the others Advent Calendar.




To be present before Christmas, this time of year when everything goes faster and when you can’t wait to be on holiday.


With bubble wrap and an inventive design, the traditional Advent calendar was turned into an anti-stress year-end gift. Our designers picked a cheerful color for popping bubble wrap. Every day until December 25, each person could pop a bubble on the calendar.


This idea generated a lot of curiosity and everybody loved it. Many people probably didn’t wait till the last day to pop all the bubbles…

The recto-verso of the year-end gift
Close up on the year-end gift's verso
Other close up of the year-end gift
Other close-up of the year-end gift
First selection of colours for the year-end gift
Popping bubbles of the year-end gift's recto
Other close up of the recto-verso of the year-end gift
Selection of colours and close-up to the year-end gift


Strategy Olivier Kennedy
Campaign Management Alexandra Briner