Performance thanks to a better collaboration


Enigma has made an optimum usage of tools during a collaboration learning workshop in order to bring company members together and show them the way to achieve successful missions


As the Suisseo Team was on the verge of living a turning point in the history of the company, they had to ensure the success of this large undertaking. To do so, Suisseo needed help to get its stakeholders aligned on the issues and objectives of such a project.


Enigma used the method of the Team Alignment to reach the goals of Suisseo.

The first step consisted in conducting separate interviews about the vision of each team members concerning the actual state of the company and its future.

Then the core action was a day of workshop gathering all of the participants into one room for an action oriented day!

Thanks to a large set of exercises and to the Team Alignment Map tool, the team grew bit by bit into a powerful decision making group of individuals.

How to be aligned on the future of the company


Finally, the group left the premises having grasped the methodology of the Team Alignment and having a common vision of the challenge and the future that would await them, enabling them to face it with great success.


Strategy Olivier Kennedy
Campaign Management Jil Martinez