Best wishes for 2014

Enigma Strategy & Branding wanted to offer a piece of its corporate identity while wishing to all its best wishes for 2014 in an original way.


During the holiday season, we wanted to express our best wishes for the new year in a original and remarkable way, and carry Enigma’s corporate identity and vision along.


To illustrate our vision, there was no better visual than the codes and symbols used by eye doctors.
Our designers thus transformed the typical eye test screen into a visual and contemporary poster, and included an intriguing text.


This poster draws attention and leaves an imprint. You have to get really close to understand the message, which turns out to be quite metaphorical. Take the test for yourself!

Display of the corporate gift front and back
Close up on the corporate gift: detail of the signatures
Big close up on the corporate gift's back
the corporate gift framed
Close up on the bottom lines of the corporate gift
display of the corporate gift's front
Display of the corporate gift
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