Superhero Branding

Unleash your superpowers and fight for a cause

Everywhere in the world, big brands are being challenged by smaller ones. This, of course, is old news. But this time around, their challengers are much smaller. They don’t spend millions of dollars on advertising.

And yet, the old brands are losing ground. But why? Because old brands operate with old techniques. And simply put, this doesn’t work anymore.

Today, people know about marketing and advertising. They’re fed up. They want authenticity, conversations, and great service. And they want it as individuals.

The best brands today have a human face. They’re built around a strong purpose and they don’t try to hide a poor product or service behind advertising. They strive for a great experience.

We call these brands Superhero brands.

With our help, you can learn how to evolve your brand into a superhero, too.

Enigma Creative Footprint


The Creative Footprint, a decision-making tool developed by Enigma, allows for the aligning of strategy and design. It serves as a reference for brand positioning issues and projects.

Superhero Branding
It's time to unleash your superpowers and fight for a cause.
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