November 24, 2011

Duct Tape Marketing, by John Jantsch

This book meant for entrepreneurs is a goldmine for marketing and advertising professionals. John Jantsch addresses the classical marketing tools–logo, slogan, target market, website, etc,–but always takes it one step further.

Regarding logos, he intends to turn each staff member into a “living logo.” When, as a CPA, you are asked “What do you do for a living,” you should answer: “I help people pay less tax.”

Such an answer begs for a conversation. On every aspect of marketing, the other offers small ideas that make a big difference.

Duct Tape Marketing covers an impressive number of topics: newsletter, phone pitches, mail marketing, advertising in news media, newspapers, customer relationship management (CRM), customer loyalty tools, and there are many more. With this book, John Jantsch shows the scope of the advertising work that even the smallest companies must undertake. It is an excellent guide for entrepreneurs; for marketing professionals, it is yet another wealth of ideas that can be easily implemented.

Duct Tape Marketing, by John Jantsch (Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 2006)


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on November 24, 2011
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