November 11, 2011


Did you ever wonder what a business model really was? People often confound it with their company’s strategy.

Business Model Generation, by Alexander Osterwalder, clarifies it by offering innovative solutions to make your company – or your new service – profitable, organized and prosperous.

The system consists of different business models prototyping, with a very precise process. It is adviced to create up to 25 models to reach your proper model! Then, the choosed model can be tested on the market, but stays adjustable in order to remain efficient constantly.

ENIGMA tested this process with guests from different backgrounds: Geoffroy de Clavière, secretary-general of PLR Genève, Allen Adler, from the jewelry of the same name, and Alexandra Rys, of Essentiel Communications.

Some of our partners also participated in our meeting: Tristan Pfund, of One Pixel, and Luigi Iannitelli, of Kryzalid.

Finally, Victoria Marchand of Cominmag, Sebastien Engelmann, of Crea Digital, and Alexandre Poncet pleasantly attended our Business Model Generation too.

These brilliant gray matters and a definitely well tested method revealed many new great ideas!

Here are some pictures of our day:


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