August 30, 2016

Enigma presents Superhero branding at NEXT16

Enigma presents Superhero branding at NEXT16

Today, we are very proud because Olivier Kennedy and Martin Künzi have been selected to present at NEXT16 in Hamburg, the event for those who actively participate in shaping digital transformation.

A year and a half ago we decided to start tracking the performance of many brands around the world. We tracked more than 250 brands, with a tool the full potential and the result is the best brands are not the one who spend the most. There is a difference between Coca Cola and local syrup company. The local syrup company tries to involve the community, tries to involve people who talk about them. While Coca Cola as a traditional brand gets to people, get to the masses with a corporate voice.rnrrnrThe world of branding has changed in the last few years, we can see that we moved from idol brain to Superhero brands. The idol brands are brands that were really strong a century ago. We have the chance to have a tool called the full potential and we used it to scan more than 250 brands around Europe. And we’ve discovered that the most performant brands, the one that succeed the most are not the one that spent the most media space. And we would like to share the knowledge of that and the best practice that make a brand stronger today and make it a Superhero brand. Superhero brands are a more like high level brand. They talk to you, they interact with you and they have multiple way of being seen of appearing.rnrrnrSo our workshop, our talk would be about “How you tell stories in the 21st century”. We have developed some tools by using analysis, by doing the study with our talk to under 250 companies, where we found out what are the key factors on creating a stories. That is not only about the brand itself, but involves everybody as a way of a potential client. So it’s been about storytelling, it’s about story making.rnrrnrSo what are those best practices, well there’s many but best of all is not to mimic what was done before. Good branding today is not something with one logo, one color and send it away like this. It has to be much more alive, much more human.rnrrnrAirbnb and Uber are good examples of how it’s possible today. Not only for big corporations, but also for small players to grow in a speed of light.rnrrnrit’s very interesting to see that for example Tesla has outperform any other company in terms of branding in the car industry.rnrrnrSo we will bring you examples of companies in a new world, that have found out ways on how they can bring solutions to problems of today’s society and also by involving the community to do the work. So it’s really something different if you have a company from the last century and the company, a startup company and innovative company that tries to get into the market with new tools. It will show you these tools some of these tools that you can put into place right away.

Marketing and product leaders, digital economy executives, innovative corporations and start-ups join NEXT for inspiration and networking. Once a year about 1.300 digital minds come together to learn about the latest trends and make their company fit for the future. This year’s edition will take place in September in Hamburg and Enigma will be part of it.

NEXT Conference was founded 10 years ago, to spread the gospel about the digital transformation, a revolution that transforms marketing by shifting power to the consumer at an ever-increasing speed.

At Enigma, we have a new theory about branding. We believe advertising is not enough to create a big brand. New brands arise, that take a different paths: we call them Superhero brands. Olivier Kennedy and Martin Künzi will share their thoughts about Superhero branding at NEXT.

Enigma presents Superhero branding at NEXT16

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