February 18, 2021

Growth Hacking In Switzerland

Over the past years, growth hacking has been one of the biggest buzzwords, and in 2021, it is not any different. The need to know what the services entail in Switzerland has been one of many people’s concerns in the business realm. Business experts from marketers, consultants, and entrepreneurs share and term growth hacking as an effective way to grow any form of business services. It has gone to an extent where others believe that it is the future of sales. The question remains, what does it mean and what does it entail?

What does growth hacking mean?

Growth hackers have digital analytical minds. They can see and dig deeper in the digital realm to find and see whatever they need. With such professionals’ help, digging deeper into the internet in any group to find the correct audience gets easier. Growth hacking is an umbrella term for strategies, relatively a new field that focuses solely on growth in a startup, depending on the experiment-based and data-driven process. This process, with the guidance of a growth hacker, systematically explores new growth opportunities for any startup in various parts of the customer journey from awareness through sales experience to brand ambassadors in optimizing products. It is usually used in early-stage startups that need visible growth in a short time on small budgets.

Growth hacking makes it easier to go beyond all possibilities and demographics of the targeted markets and members. It looks into data of various events that point to their internet usage, the devices used, what they need, and their buying triggers. With all this necessary information, growth hackers have discovered how effective it is to come up with the best strategies for businesses to grow, as they follow their first competitors on various platforms such as Facebook.

The main aim of growth hacking strategies in Switzerland is to generally acquire a good number of users and customers while you spend as little as possible. The term growth hacking was brought about by Sean Ellis, who is the founder and CEO of Growth Hackers, in 2010.

Growth Hacking Strategies

Growth hacking strategies are split into two main areas which include:

Product marketing

Product advertising is based on building your user base and techniques used in making your products more appealing. Product marketing includes:

● Leveraging the fear of missing out, (FOMO), through the invite-only mode of sign up.
● Using gamification on the user onboarding mode in making it more enjoyable and present rewards
● Presenting incentives based on referrals that benefit the referrer and the new user
● Combine marketing that uses content marketing growth hack techniques

Pay-per-click (PPC) and social media advertising can also be used by growth hackers to help promote businesses.

Content marketing and advertising

Content marketing is a low-cost method of sharing more about your product with many clients and customers on Facebook and other platforms. Such advertising activities include:

● Developing social media content on platforms such as Facebook
● Podcasting
● Creating contests and running giveaways
● Creating a blog and coming up with valuable and shareable articles and videos
● Having bloggers review your product
● Having webinars
● Guest blogging
● Being part of relevant groups, subreddits, and forums
● Making use of influencer marketing
● Improving the webpage visibility with SEO

The above strategies depend mainly on the right tactics deployed. Such tactics will determine if the article and videos will be a low-cost way to get the word out about your product.

How much does a growth hacker make?

This is a question that many people looking forward to taking such a profession in Switzerland tend to ask. The salary range of a growth hacker falls between 59,099.60 Swiss Franc and 64,924.26 Swiss Franc. There are a lot of factors that are considered when it comes to the salary of a growth hacker. Such factors include certification, level of education, the number of years spent in the profession, and additional skill.

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