January 11, 2011

Thai Signs

Hello everybody!

During my holidays in Thailand, I did not forget you. I would like to show you the funniest, most surprising and amazing boards I saw there:

This board is into the Bangkok Skytrain Hall

In front of a bar of Kho Samet

In front of my hotel… No concealed weapons, it is reassuring… So does that mean that we can carry them visible ?

Monk Chat: The Buddhist Social Network

A big stick and a bell, with a board that says “don’t hit”… So tempting!

There are places where they don’t bother with the politically correct to favor natives over foreigners

To some European countries… To all European countries !

Inside a cab

Surprising, isn’t it? Do you often let your personal belongings into public toilets ?

This article has been posted by Olivier Kennedy
on January 11, 2011
in #Other
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