November 9, 2016

Moment advertising: know your customers better and how to seduce them

When was the last time you watched TV? Watching TV for real, without using any other device like for example checking your texts on your mobile from time to time or answering an email during Ads break? Let’s be honest here.

Today, almost 90% of people are using at least 1 second screen while watching TV, of which more than 60 % use the Internet.

How to do advertising

They use the other devices and connection in ways that the screens complement each other, whether that’s getting more information on a TV program, accessing social media to get reactions to what they’re watching on the TV screen, or shopping online.
That represents 60% more of people that you could reach with your digital ads campaign in real time, where you want it and when you want it thanks to moment advertising (and that’s a huge advantage when you know that TV ads are getting less and less effective).

The Moment Advertising is a must-do solution for advertisers who wishes to maximize the impact of their ads campaign at key moment.
It consists in synchronizing digital campaigns with your TV ads or your competitors’, in real time on every channel (via image recognition system). During TV shows or at the time of a specific action (for example when a sports team has just scored), your digital ads can also be scheduled according to the TV program from 3 days to 10 minutes in advance.
So whether you are a brand sponsoring a sport event or a competitor to this brand, you can highlight actions of the game. Your ads could also be scheduled during a specific TV show or in accordance with the weather forecast and many other possibilities.

Television and mobile advertising
Television versus mobile advertising

Moment advertising enables to immerse the customer in the brand’s universe so that it encourages him to take action for the brand, whether on social media or on the website leading to a purchase. Finally, having your targets viewing the ads give you valuable data about their habits and preferences.

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