September 13, 2013

PR and web 2.0

Next lecture

The next lecture will take place on April 18th 2015. For inscriptions, you can follow .


In the context of the 2015 edition of the RP and Web 2.0 practices, Olivier Perez Kennedy will appear at the SPRI as a guest speaker. This seminar will tackle the various strategies and the new tools that specialists dispose of both in public relations and in journalism.



1.  New information diffusion typologies

  • How the information is spread with the new tools

  • Examples of campaigns which successfully integrate new media.

  • Classical campaigns with a digital look

2.  Communicate on social networks

  • Tools that facilitate PR’s life

  • Engineering of a buzz

3.  Social media campaign in 4 steps

  • Gathering an audience who will participate to the brand / product

  • Workshop

4.  Advocacy marketing campaign

  • How to convert people who love the most your products into ambassadors that will spread your message

  • Workshop


Reading propositions

Likeable social media
par Dave Kerpen
Mc Graw Hill Compagnies, USA, 2011

Trust me I’m lying
par Ryan Holiday
Penguin Group, Inc. USA, 2012

No Bullshit Social Media
par Jason Falls et Erik Deckers
Pearson Education, Inc. 2012


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