Let’s imagine the future of finance

Ever since Enigma was founded, we not only helped our clients become great at what they do, we also had to continuously reinvent ourselves, question our habits, explore new business models and develop new ways of collaborating. We believe companies have to create their own future – or they will live in some other's.

Let’s take a look at the financial services industry. What are the upcoming challenges?

Well, Generation Y are the first to be poorer than their parents. Their relationship to property is completely different. They don’t own cars and live on their phones. They expect every service to be convenient, fast, and preferably digital. And banks don’t seem to understand the needs or way of life of Gen Y. In return, millenials don’t feel they need banks whereas they surely need the service of banks.

Nicole talks about Future of finance at Enigma


Let's be honest: it won't be easy.

In the age of blockchain-everything, mobile payments and cashless money, we think banking and their 600 year-old expertise can still stay ahead of the game. But they will need to go fast – and overcome an increasing lack of love, and trust.

If you are working in financial services, you probably have a lot of questions about the future of your industry.

  • How can we offer a better, more human experience to customers?
  • How can we have people work better together across teams and departments?
  • How can the financial industry leverage blockchain, biometrics, fintech innovations, and mobile?
the best workplace

Workplace effects on industry

Our experience shows that there is much more to innovation than just technologies. Indeed, we know that if innovators forget to think about humans they get into trouble. Big trouble.

So we designed a workshop to help ambitious change makers in the finance and banking sector take the best out of tech and humans to run businesses that are more human, engaging, and performant.