November 12, 2014


Enigma is drilled to verify its strategies, concepts and measures. Olivier Perez Kennedy and Martin Künzi together with their teams are continuously eager to find established and innovative tools and integrate them into their work with clients. Most of the time they need to be adapted to fit a certain need. Enigma therefore developed extraordinary capabilities to align tools and the goals that they are thought to achieve.
Enigma recommends the following tools that can be applied directly:

Business Model Generation Canvas und Value Proposition Canvas

The Business Model Canvas is a strategic management and entrepreneurial tool. It allows you to describe, design, challenge, invent, and pivot your business model. Value Proposition Design helps you tackle a core challenge of every business creating compelling products and services customers want to buy.

How to fascinate

Plenty of personality assessments tell you how you see the world. The 7 Advantages of Fascination have a different angle. They tell you how the world sees you. As soon as you know your strength and advantages you can incorporate them into your communication and it creates the brand of you. It goes without saying that this can be easily applied for your enterprise and creates a unique brand that fascinates your customers.

Brand Strategy System

Discover the holistic approach leading to a successful strategy and branding for your company. The Brand Strategy System outlines the creation process of a brand in six steps.

Enigma Beratungstool

Feel free to use Enigma as your consulting service. Let Enigma know your actual challenges that you are facing with your company and we will come up with tools that can help you vision come true. Enigma has big knowledge of tools, a network with strong professionals and in addition the way Enigma works has proved to be successful in many different areas of marketing, branding and communication. We would love delivering for you.



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