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Yann François

Senior Digital Marketing Trader
There are no problems to fix, only solutions to find.
Don't you want a whiskey first?

Born in Marseille, Yann had the chance to live a few years in Norway as part of his father’s job as an engineer in the offshore industry. After graduating from business school and East Tennessee State University in 2004, he started, like many, his digital career as an intern at in Paris. He quickly decided to specialize in the fields of online marketing and advertising. First as an affiliate manager, then as a SEM consultant in an agency, he continued his path by joining an affiliate platform called Public-Idées (now TimeOne Group) to return, a few years later, to an agency within the FullSix Group. He then discovered working for Digital Virgo (Digital entertainment and mobile payment specialist) and quickly developed partnerships and other performance-based agreements. In 2019, he was recruited to manage the digital acquisition of a sports betting player within a Geneva-based agency. He then joined Enigma in November 2022 as a Senior Media Trader.