A fully digital activity report


In its annual activity report, GARDP informs about set and achieved goals, about new developments and achievements. An essential part is the financial report, where transparently the acquired income and its expenditures are displayed. 


Enigma has been designing the Activity Report for years and produced the first fully digital report for the year 2021. The main challenge was to create an accessible structure that takes full advantage of the digital opportunities. At the same time, the information should be presented in an accessible way, through a structured dramaturgy, attractive animations and interactive graphics.

Activity report GARDP impact2


We created the Activity Report similar to a website. A well-structured navigation offers direct access to different chapters of the report. In addition, the home page acts as a portal, where complex content is outlined and can be visited in depth if interested. The digital presentation allows direct links between the contents and a quick access to references, links and sources.

Case study activity report GARDP 12
Enigma GARDP AR 2021 3
Enigma GARDP AR 2021

A special highlight of the website is the finance chapter. Here we enhanced the various graphs and data interactively. This increases the clarity and thus the understanding of the figures and their classification. 

Case study activity report GARDP2


The website is dynamic, accessible, structured and convincing with its details. Scientific phenomena are presented in a factual manner, framed by attractive design features.

  • Interconnectivity between the content and its references
  • Interactive presentation of figures and data
  • Animations for an exceptional user experience

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