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The well-known chocolate company Chocolats Camille Bloch SA is building a new visitor center where visitors can experience the various brands with all their diversity. Chocolats Camille Bloch SA asked Enigma to design a new website. The aim was to give visitors a first impression of the new visitor center and at the same time enable the online sale of tickets.


Transfer the branding into web design

A challenge in developing the concept for the new website was the transfer of the values “authentic” and “familial” of the new branding into the digital world. Enigma developed the concept “Millefeuille”, which integrates the various visual elements into a comprehensive experience for the viewer.

website chez camille bloch

A showcase for the family brand

The website also serves as a showcase for all the brands and products of the Chocolats Camille Bloch SA enterprise. Therefore, Enigma developed an enriched footer where all the brands of the family are listed.


Focus on the user experience

Enigma conducted an analysis of user behavior, closely inspecting the websites of competitors from related industries. The so-called “pain points” summarized from user experience enabled the Enigma team to emphasize the most important values for the users. If, for example, a visit to a museum is required, it is important to know about the opening hours. Based on the analysis, a notification bar was created that informs the user in real time about the opening hours of the visitor centre.

mobile CB öffnungszeiten

A website for the future

The website of the CHEZ Camille Bloch visitor center is based on a modular design approach. This means that the client’s marketing team can easily create new pages without being limited by a set of pre-defined templates. The structure of each individual page can be easily adapted and rearranged as required. Additional pages can be added in minutes. Discover more about this approach

impressionen website CB

Creating a pleasant user experience with animation

The different modules are separated by wavy transitions that give the website a playful touch. Furthermore, an animated map of the building has been integrated into the website so that users can easily get an overview of the visitor center and its offerings.


The website integrates the new CHEZ Camille Bloch branding in a playful way. The animations, wavy transitions and the combination of rich imagery with information enables a great customer experience and invite people to visit the real visitor center.


Chez camille bloch homepage


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