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In collaboration with workONE, our mission at Enigma was clear: challenge conventional beliefs surrounding office rentals. We aimed to spotlight workONE’s adaptable contracts and seamless services, directly addressing concerns related to commitment, flexibility, and space scalability.

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Our approach was meticulous and targeted. Utilizing digital out of home screens and classic poster walls (OoH), we strategically positioned the ads around workONE’s free office spaces. These messages were placed in areas frequented by decision-makers during their daily commute, ensuring maximum impact. Phrases like “I don’t wanna commit,” “I have an agile company, I don’t want to be tied to a long contract,” or “We might grow and we don’t want to commit to a fixed space” were prominently displayed. But have a look:

case study workone
case study workone 2
case study workone 4
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Our innovative Out of Home campaign for workONE delivered compelling outcomes:

  • Strategic Placement: By targeting specific locations, our messages resonated with decision-makers, prompting them to reconsider their perceptions about office spaces.
  • Comprehensive Reach: The fusion of digital screens and classic poster walls allowed us to engage diverse audiences effectively, enhancing workONE’s visibility.
  • Influential Decisions: Our carefully positioned ads influenced decisions, positioning workONE as a flexible and appealing choice for businesses.

In summary, our strategic placement of impactful messages on digital and classic out of home platforms effectively challenged preconceived notions. By addressing decision-makers during their daily commute, we successfully positioned workONE as a contemporary, flexible, and attractive solution in the competitive office space market. This campaign not only transformed concerns into opportunities but also solidified workONE’s reputation as a modern, client-focused office space provider.

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