Dynamic identity for a young creator of experience

The Swiss Escape

The Swiss Escape: The B2B travel Agency for luxurious stays in Switzerland mandated Enigma to create their brand new universe.


Offering dream travels to other tourism professionals, the Swiss Escape is a start-up that came to Enigma for a branding concept that would tackle one of the sector’s biggest problems: seasonality. Indeed, most people see Switzerland as a winter vacation spot.

Another challenge for Enigma was to formulate the brand identity and create the website for Swiss Escape with big impact despite a small budget.


The idea was to incorporate seasonality within the brand and the website. Thus, Enigma made the brand come to life differently according to the 4 seasons, reaffirming its position. Then, the effort was focused on the design of the corporate identity by offering a strong universe with a new logo and a new website. The goal was to attract customers to different experiences in Switzerland, and to draw them in the country regardless of the season. Indeed, the website offers now beautiful landscapes of Switzerland in accordance with the seasons and it suggests different related activities.


Strategy Olivier Kennedy
Campaign Management Dynamic identity for a young creator of experience