Exceptional objects to celebrate a 70th anniversary


Enigma imagined and conceived exceptional objects to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the company Rampini.


The company Rampini, which is working in the construction sector, wanted to celebrate its 70th anniversary by offering objects that are up to its image to its clients, partners and employees; objects representing its expertise, performance, quality but also collaboration and teamwork.



An editorial approach for a visual book. The railway we suggested points out the construction and transformation undertaken by the human being. The shaping elegantly reminds concrete on the cover and the binding.

Greeting cards

A meticulous work in design and cutting has been key in the realization of the greeting card, which highlights the competences and the expertise of the company in a Poya.


The poya principle has been kept to create the chocolate bar. And as always, meticulousness and savoir-faire enabled us to realize an object that is as good as it looks!


All these gifts have been sent during the festive season, which amounts to 2000 books, 2000 chocolate boxes and 4500 greeting cards.


Strategy Olivier Kennedy
Design Strategy Ariane Irlé