Revamping Lintao’s branding


Enigma Strategy & Branding was asked to update and to unify Lintao’s visual identity, based on their website content.


Based on the existing website, create a modern branding that is accessible to Lintao’s various users and clients.


A User-Story workshop was first conducted to define the priorities of website users and to restructure the website content. The first wireframes and then the first drafts were drawn. Lintao’s visual identity was then gradually revamped, including corporate design, newsletter, and stationery.

We conducted these actions—particularly around the website—while always keeping the user’s perspective in mind. For Lintao, we needed to take into account two specific user types: regular Internet users, and IT specialists. We thus had to balance the amount of precise information in order to satisfy all of our clients.


The new branding presents a more modern, unified, and accessible image of Lintao to its clients, and demonstrates as well its interest for users.

Workshop User Story defining the new website
Workshop for defining the new branding
Lintao's new website wireframes
Lintao's new branding color palette
Display of the icons corresponding to the new branding
Display of Lintao's new website on laptop
Display of Lintao's new website on tablet support
Display of the responsivity of Lintao's new website on desktop, tablet and mobile
Display of Lintao's new website mobile version
Display of the stationery elements corresponding to the new branding
Display of the new business card

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