Mobile App Apta Babyname


Enigma Strategy & Branding gathered its creativity and digital know-how for Aptamil’s project: A mobile app for baby names.


To create a playful, useful and contemporary mobile app for pregnant women, and to establish contact with them.


Mobile App

You can pick the name of your child with Tinder, the most famous dating app for smartphones. Logical sequence: after dating… a baby!

A name appears on the screen: if you like it, you slide it to the left; if you don’t, you slide it to the right. If a name is liked by both parents, they both receive notification. Two “likes” = 1 match!

« Apta Babyname: the most fun application to choose your baby’s name together », developed by Atipik.

  • Available in French, German, and English
  • iOS and Android
  • Database tailored to the audience  (Swiss)
  • Personalized search (length of the name, gender)
  • Unique user experience
  • Comfortable interface
  • Easy to navigate


RP 2.0

We launched a promotional campaign with influential bloggers, both in French and in German.


Aptaclub Brand

This tool helped increase the visibility and the reputation of the brand, and a strong relationship was built with future mothers.

Over 4,500 downloads in 3 months

34 blog articles published (16 in French and 18 in German)

Numerous emails were collected

Meilleur du Web 2014

Apta Babyname won the first prize at Best of the Web in the « Mobile » category.

The award was granted according to the following criteria:

  • Innovation, creativity, originality, use of new technology
  • Meeting the specifics of mobile media in terms of usage and user experience
  • Use of functions that are specific to mobile devices
  • Quality
  • Performance on the market

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Overview of the mobile app
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Blog article about the mobile app


Strategy Olivier Kennedy
Campaign Management Emilie Saucy
Design Strategy Vincent Ghilione
Development Lou Bielser, Mobile App Apta Babyname