Naming and identity for real estate agents


Enigma has thought up the name and visual identity of a new company in the Naef Holding SA group.


This new company was to have its own name in order to be able to distinguish itself from services already being offered and thus approach the market independently.


Enigma suggested a meaningful name for architecture and real estate: Sioux. In relation to the building sector and real estate project management, the name Sioux evokes intimate knowledge of land in terms of its fundamental physical properties and in keeping with its typical features.

The ability to choose “stable, knowable and suitable” building land is a particularly positive association, appropriate for the creation of the new company.


The proposed branding involved a typography using the first letter in capitals followed by lower case, a naming convention for persons or cities, to enhance a sense of trust and proximity

The various corporate elements were developed in 2 greys, a modern, elegant and neutral colour.


Strategy Olivier Kennedy
Campaign Management Emilie Lassausaie
Design Loris Olivier
Copywriter Nicolas Buri