Online banners on rebranded Napoleon, Julius Caesar and Sun Tzu


The communication agency Enigma wanted to renew its visibility with original online banners. Thus, the campaign had to reflect both the trendy and experienced aspects of the company.


The aim was to create new online banners keeping in mind Enigma’s theme of contemporary strategy.

We took advantage of this festive time of year to communicate in a slightly different and original way whilst adding a touch of humour to the campaign. We combined legendary historical periods with a little modern rebranding, and came up with fun and witty online banners.


The first step of this campaign was to select famous strategists known by all. Several candidates came forward. Relying on all sorts of tactics and techniques, they gave it their all. It was a hard decision but we came to conclude upon a shortlist of 3 personalities that managed to catch all our attention.

Immediately seduced by his cover letter entitled « The Art of War », sent in by a certain General Sun Tzu, our decision was unanimous and allowed this candidate to join our campaign almost instantaneously.

Julius Caesar, came in to the interviews as a conqueror, and managed to rise within the ranks to climb up to the top of our ranking.

As for Napoleon, his spirit of defiance battling through to the end, he was saved, only just, and got through to the final choice armed with new glasses. He now joins the team.

These three characters, rebranded by Enigma, have now comfortably settled into our banners in order to animate and celebrate this end of year.

Online banner on Napoleon
Online banner on Julius Caesar
Online banner on Sun Tzu


Strategy Olivier Kennedy