NODE: creation of a visual identity


Enigma Strategy & Branding remodelled the FAC’s visual identity in order to transform the organization into the NODE.


The Federation of Artisans and Business owners (FAC) wanted to update its image by changing its name and its visual identity. It was important not to lose the sustainability of this inter-professional association. The FAC asked Enigma for help in this process.


Enigma conducted a thorough analysis of logos and names at the national and international level (including France and Germany). The new name had to be evocative; Enigma suggested an acronym with meaning. The new name had to be distinct, and yet respect the stability and the value of the Federation. Through the process of transversal branding, Enigma suggested the name NODE – Nouvelle Organisation des Entrepreneurs (New Organization of Entrepreneurs), which was the best of 50 proposals. Enigma added the baseline “Since 1922” to insist on the history of the federation.

The logo had to be used together with various services offered by the organization; the main target was artisans and business owners, as well as companies from other sectors that are interested in such services. Enigma proposed the use of the logo with various additions, according to the service offered (social security, pension plans, etc.).

This new name and new logo allow NODE to continue its work in Geneva and in Switzerland with a more modern image that is in line with services.

Picking a new name
Cleaning the name selection
The new logo of NODE
The new paper elements according to NODE visual identity
business card recto according to NODE visual identity
business cards recto-verso according to NODE visual identity
clothings according to NODE visual identity
packaging graphism according to NODE visual identity