State of the art Swiss Design branding creation for a down to earth business

Nicollier Group SA

Nicollier Group SA wished to be perceived through a new brand identity in accordance with their luxurious services and chose Enigma for the task.


Nicollier Group SA constructs leisure spaces like swimming pools and wellness areas, as well as beautiful outdoor landscaping and fountains. Their endeavor is to bring experiences and emotions to life through these projects. Enigma was mandated to express the intensity and depth of the group’s work in order to give customers a unique emotional experience with the brand. The main objective of the rebranding was to create a strong visual identity for the group, one that fits well with the Swiss market.

logo nicollier


A work of deep analysis and extensive immersion using neuromarketing made all this possible. Enigma began the work by identifying the critical emotions experienced by the customers, in order to develop a powerful branding. Following this, several ideas linked to geometric elements emerged: that of balance through the form of a circle, and perspective through a horizon line. The result was a strong and luxurious branding.

Font Family for Nicollier
Font Family for Nicollier
logo Simple logo Nicollier

The Nicollier Group produces visually impressive architectural creations which also provide a sense of comfort. The feeling of inner balance achieved by these works provided the inspiration to assimilate such emotions into their visual identity, through geometric elements particularly using primary forms such as rectangles, squares and circles. Enigma integrated these ideas into the design of their new logo and tagline “un art de vivre”, as well as their letterhead, business card, comment card and other items.

Business cards, letterhead and greeting card of Nicollier
Business Card declinations for Nicollier
t-shirt prototype Nicollier


Nicollier now enjoys a luxury brand that fits perfectly in the french speaking part of Switzerland, and continue to deliver wonderful experiences in line with their new branding.

Lifestyle image with Nicollier Logo
Lifestyle image with Nicollier Logo


Strategy Olivier Kennedy
Campaign Management Maxime Joris