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Unlocking Growth Potential: How a Digital Campaign Transformed NFT Sales


Tiliaverse is an NFT company that was looking to expand its customer base and sell its virtual properties online. Our team worked with Tiliaverse to launch a digital campaign to increase awareness and generate more online sales.


The client’s objective was to grow their metaverse and find new customers for their NFTs. However, they were facing difficulties in selling their properties online, because of the versatility and the lack of trust, which limited their growth potential. So we worked with them to launch an effective digital campaign that would allow them to reach their target audience and boost online sales.


We began by assessing Tiliaverse’s goals and needs to develop an effective digital campaign strategy. Based on this strategy, the right advertising platforms for the target group and the product were selected. 

A results tracking system was implemented to measure campaign performance, and strategies were adjusted accordingly to maximize ROI. An agile strategy had been put into place, closely monitoring the ROAS to determine the right market for investment.

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As a result of the digital campaign, Tiliaverse experienced over CHF 1 million in revenue growth in one year. The awareness goal was achieved as well, as the client was able to reach new customers and strengthen their online presence. An exceptional return on investment was attained as well, with an overall ROAS of 524% in the best month.

By working closely with Tiliaverse, our team was able to develop an effective digital campaign that had a significant impact on the company’s growth. By implementing a targeted marketing strategy and measuring results on an ongoing basis, we were able to help the client achieve their online sales and awareness goals.

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