Updating an art gallery’s branding

Bailly Gallery

Enigma communication agency was hired by the Geneva Bailly Art Gallery to update its branding.


The task was to create a completely new concept for an art gallery the two sides of its leadership and activities: the personality of the two owners, and the two artistic periods represented there: modern and contemporary. The rebranding would apply to the new Internet website www.baillygallery.com and full stationery (business cards, notecards, headed paper, envelopes, stamps, folders, invitations, notepads, etc.)


Enigma Studio started by reinterpreting the Bailly Gallery logo: the letter B, which refers to the family name of the owners, would become the symbol of the gallery. The same B was later duplicated and adapted to modern and contemporary styles, according to the complex demands of the owners. The two B’s were eventually superimposed to express the gallery’s unity even through its differences. This dual concept was then applied on a new responsive website that follows contemporary trends, as well as on the full stationery. We paid specific attention to the edges of the various paper media: they were outlined in gray or embossed to look like a picture frame.

Reinterpretation of the Bailly Gallery Logo
Rebranding with full new stationery for the Bailly Gallery
Bailly Gallery Business cards
Bailly Gallery enveloppes and stamps
The new website for Bailly Gallery Geneva
New look for Ipads and Iphones


Strategy Olivier Kennedy
Campaign Management Jil Martinez
Design Strategy Lina Maria Hernandez
Development Pierre Dumont