September 15, 2017

9 Articles about Service Design

Service Design is a field of innovation where Enigma is investing time and effort. As you might know, we are part of the International Service Design Network (SDN). It’s not about fame: we want to have a concrete engagement for the discipline and the Service Design community. Therefore members of our team have contributed content on the Service Design Network website.

Our Service Design articles on SDN

Here is a selection of articles written by Enigma team members for the Service Design Network.

Service design is like marriage nobody understands it but everyone does it

Crazy comparisons often give plenty of insights. Let’s explore together how Service Design is like marriage in a number of ways.

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When Branding and Service Design meet

Branding, storytelling and service design can be mixed together to create unique branded services.

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A well designed service might be boring.
A well branded service is exciting

Good services aren’t enough to excite people anymore. What happens when everybody around you does service design? Maybe you should brand your experience.

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Service design, lean, UX, agile and the little war of religion

With all those fancy terminologies we are creating confusion for ourselves and our clients. Maybe things shouldn’t be as complex as is our little words war around what is Service Design and what it’s not.

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Good service design isn’t enough

Business as unusual could mean that we bring a touch of surprise to the customer experience.

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Pippi Longstocking was one of the first Service Designers

SDN member Christian Bessembinders opened a conversation about culture, service design and Pippi Longstocking. Here’s our response.

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Inspiration from the Service Design Award winner

When a project wins a Service Design Award there is certainly something to learn from it.

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Conferences reassure you that you are not so stupid

The Service Design Conference in Amsterdam is now finished. You can prepare yourself for the next one. But why should you come?

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