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June 13, 2023

Breaking Down Gender Bias in Leadership: An Interview with Enigma’s Emilie Lassausaie

Olivier Kennedy, CEO Enigma: Today we are honored to be joined by Emilie Lassausaie, Head of Client Success at Enigma, for an insightful discussion on gender bias in leadership roles. Emilie’s experience in the marketing sector sheds light on the challenges women in leadership face and how they can navigate them effectively.

Thank you for joining us, Emilie. Can you tell us about your journey to becoming a leader at Enigma?

E.L: Of course! I began my journey at Enigma as a project manager. As time passed, I immersed myself in the various intricacies of the marketing industry and became passionate about bringing a positive change. I was fortunate enough to be surrounded by a supportive team, and over time, I transitioned into a leadership role. What’s exciting is that Enigma is a place that nurtures talent, and it doesn’t matter what gender you are. The growth is purely based on merit and contribution to the organization.

Were there any experiences with gender bias along the way, either within Enigma or with clients?

E.L: Inside Enigma, I have always felt valued and respected. The company culture is very inclusive and it’s the same with most of our clients. In certain cases, I did encounter some instances of gender bias. Some clients seemed more comfortable or receptive to male counterparts. But, I must say that over the years, this bias is gradually fading as more women are taking up leadership roles.

How did you approach these situations of gender bias without affecting the business relationship?

E.L: Initially, it was daunting, but I learned that the best way to tackle this was to remain composed and let my work do the talking. I put in extra effort to ensure that the quality of my work was impeccable and gradually built rapport with clients. Over time, they began to trust and respect my input. It’s about proving your worth through actions rather than words.

That sounds like an effective approach. What advice would you give to women aspiring to be in leadership positions who might face gender bias?

E.L: First and foremost, believe in yourself and your abilities. Do not let the biases of others define your worth. Focus on honing your skills and delivering excellence. And if you face bias, maintain your professionalism and let your accomplishments speak for themselves. Additionally, find allies and mentors who can guide and support you through these challenges.

Does Enigma have specific policies or cultural practices that promote gender equality?

E.L: Enigma’s culture inherently promotes gender equality by emphasizing merit and contribution. There aren’t explicit policies because gender equality is woven into the fabric of our organizational culture. Everyone, regardless of gender, is encouraged and supported in their growth and aspirations. It’s a natural part of how Enigma operates.

Have you seen any innovative practices that you think effectively promote gender equality?

E.L: Flexible work hours to accommodate personal responsibilities, and training programs focused on diversity and inclusion, also play a crucial role. These practices not only help in promoting gender equality, but also create a more dynamic and productive work environment.

Is there any final piece of wisdom you’d like to share?

E.L: It’s essential to remember that change doesn’t happen overnight. As individuals and as a society, we must continuously work towards creating inclusive environments. For women facing biases, don’t be disheartened. Channel your energy into becoming the best version of yourself. Surround yourself with positive influences, and never be afraid to seek help or guidance.

In Conclusion:

Emilie Lassausaie’s journey and insights are invaluable for understanding the landscape of gender biases in leadership roles. Her experiences emphasize the importance of perseverance, excellence, and the power of a supportive work culture. Through collective efforts and continued dialogue, strides can be made in overcoming gender bias in leadership.

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