October 17, 2011

Deep Dive, by Rich Horwath

Rich Horwath gives a summary of a company strategy rather than goals. Indeed, increasing the client base of a company while reducing its expenses is not a strategy, but wishful thinking.

A strategy means good management of the company’s limited resources in order to take it to another place. Borrowing from the author’s metaphor, it’s knowing how much air we have left and using this air in the most efficient way until we reach the next airlock.

In Deep Dive, the author describes a palette of tools that help develop a company’s strategies. The most interesting tools are the prototypes that can assess various strategies and their potential success depending on the market, the context, or internal resources.

The SWOT alignment system is one of these tools; it leaves the door open to many strategic options.

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If you like this book, I also recommend
, which also addresses these prototypes. In fact, both books share similar references.

Deep Dive, by Rich Horwath (Austin: Greenleaf Book Group Press, 2009)

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