December 22, 2011

Drive, by Daniel H. Pink

How does motivation work: this is what “Drive” is all about. In companies, the carrot and the stick appear to be the two ways to motivate people. With what effect? What kind of behavior does it generate?

Daniel H. Pink first analyzes the carrot process with a series of experiments. He then offers an exceptionally simple chart: the carrot is a bad technique, except to accomplish repetitive and tedious tasks.

How can one motivate? What are the tools that give more meaning to a task?

The author grounds motivation systems on three pillars: autonomy, mastery and goal. The goal is easy to implement. However, the notion of “autonomy” is not that obvious. It is not simply about managing employees, but it is also about managing oneself in order to accept your colleagues’ autonomy. As for mastery, the author analyzes processes that lead to satisfaction and personal growth, and offers pragmatic tools that can simultaneously help motivate and develop someone.

The book includes a toolbox with nine techniques to conduct self-assessments, nine ways to improve the motivation of one’s team, and a list of further readings.

Drive, by Daniel H. Pink (Kindle Edition, 2011)

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on December 22, 2011
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