September 14, 2015

Full Potential, a decision-making tool for brand analysis

We only use ten percent of our brain’s abilities. What if we could apply to brands what we know about human beings? After all, each brand has a market, a target and platforms though which it communicates, and each lever it uses can potentially be improved. At a time when a brand relates to its consumers, why not envision how a brand could fully develop its potential?

From an agile perspective, a business or service constantly implements actions that are then assessed for their efficiency, and help determine the next actions.

The tool

Enigma Lab has created a tool for brand analysis that is an agile decision-making device allowing a strategic focus on three axes: branding, advertising and digital platforms.
With more than 60 control points, this tool can identify the strengths and weaknesses of a brand at a given time, as well as its capacity to expand independently from its investments. Each control point determines the quality with a grade from 1 to 10; the radial determines the importance of each point.

Qualitative Aspect

This qualitative tool for analysis doesn’t track the number of “likes” that you or your competitors have achieved. Instead, it measures the proportion between people who said they liked your page and those who posted, checked, liked or commented on your page. It doesn’t rate the aesthetics of your recent poster, but tells you whether you are using the latest research in neuromarketing in order to attract your target market.

Market positioning

Full Potential also allows for understanding the brand in its positioning vis-à-vis its competitors.
It can analyze the benchmarks of a given industry, or look into a brand in relation to its competition. In order to earn market share at a minimal cost, it is essential to understand the control points at which competitors are falling behind, and where it is easier to get ahead of them.

Full Potential is thus a tool for brand analysis that allows for a strategic and agile marketing approach, and offers paths for future decision-making. It was conceived visually in a clear and precise way.

If you want to expand your brand to its fullest, Full Potential is an excellent measuring tool.

In our Switzerland 2015 report, discover also our specific analysis in the following sectors: watchmaking, retail, online retail, insurance, cold beverage, energy, airline company, new technologies, automobile.

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