October 18, 2016

Marketing study – Technology Industry in Switzerland – Full Potential

Our 2016 Full Potential study looked at four technology brands: Apple, Sony, Samsung and Microsoft. It is Apple that wins in this category. With 68 points, the apple brand gets the best score of 2016, on par with Easyjet.

Apple has a comfortable lead of 13 points over its nearest competitor, Microsoft. Sony barely reaches the average (47 points) while Samsung is slightly below (44). Apple dominates all the dimensions of the study, even if it is in branding where the difference is the most obvious: with 93 points, it keeps Samsung away, although it achieves an excellent score in this area (81).

full potencial graph blof 2016 technologie


In this dimension, we find the good ones on the one side: Apple (62 points) and Microsoft (56) are well above the overall average (47.4). On the other side there are Sony (36 points) and Samsung (23), well below. What is striking is the low use of neuromarketing techniques. Only Apple is doing quite well with 5/10. Conversely, Samsung does not use neuromarketing and incentives enough and does not have a sufficiently well-defined communication territory. As a result, the effectiveness of its real efforts in digital advertising (7/10) remains limited.


Here too, Apple (48) dominates and Samsung (29) brings up the rear. Microsoft (38) and Sony (40) remain slightly above the overall average (37.4). Probably fearful to put their products forward, all these brands get low marks in terms of loading speed (between 2 and 4 out of 10). With the exception of Apple (8/10), the sites of brands in this sector offer poor mobile experience (between 2 and 4 out of 10 only), which is quite surprising. As far as social networks are concerns, there is a great disparity between Microsoft and Sony, rather well noted, and Apple and Samsung, less happy.


In the branding dimension, there are very good students who are all beyond the average (54.9): a margin ranging from 10 points for Sony to almost 40 for Apple! No common characteristic emerges. It was noted however that Sony is the only brand that only obtained very little from the storymaking (2/10) while the other three are at 10/10. Thus, customer experience seems very exciting! The Why, how and what is well developed at all the actors, except for Microsoft

Our advice for the technology industry: redefine the digital strategy to target the commitment of fans and not only the reach. Improve websites accessibility. Better use neuromarketing and advertising dimension in general.

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