January 26, 2015

Media opportunities in Switzerland in 2015

In order to disseminate a message to the right target audience, it is important to know and compare the various media options. Enigma presents a study on the media available in Switzerland in 2015.

Out of Home

1. Billboards
Human mobility keeps increasing. The average Swiss covers 37 kilometers a day, and spends 88 minutes a day “on the road”. Billboards and posters should not be underestimated, because it is still a powerful and efficient medium. Although expensive, they do present good potential. In Switzerland, SGA oversees public billposting, while TPG and Clearchannel are responsible for posters in public transportation. SGA offers attractive rates during off-peak periods. Other companies focus on billposting in airports or specific places, for example with digital billboards.

2. Mobile
Advertising on mobile devices can be considered as media away from home. Despite of the availability of free newspapers, an increasing number of users is reading the news on their mobile phones, particularly on trains, buses, and in train stations.

In Switzerland, 4.3 million people, or 69% of the population owns a smartphone. More than three people out of four access the internet from a mobile device, everywhere:

– 84% of the Swiss use it on the go
– 81% in public transportation
– 66% in airports

Reading habits

People read more than in the past; reading opportunities are increasing as well. Advertising in newspapers or on internet websites are an excellent communication tool, as long as the price is fair. Today, rates for advertising space in the print media remain high, but can be justified for highly targeted audiences.

CPM (Cost per Mille) comparison of various news outlets:

Diagramme CPM V6

It is not surprising that Google supersedes the traditional media (print or online).

Regarding television, Switzerland is a unique case because of its linguistic diversity. Youtube can be considered as the first Swiss television channel, since it’s the fourth most visited website in Switzerland. French-speaking television (TSR) has 827,000 viewers daily, while German-speaking television (SRF) boasts 2,352,000 viewers daily. French national channels still gather more viewers than internet users on websites, but the price difference is a good incentive to buy advertising on Youtube.

Internet websites

The first and third most visited websites in Switzerland are Google.com and Google.ch.

An SEM strategy is essential today to convert a customer, and it must be integrated in any media plan. In Switzerland, Google is the main search engine, which spares companies from running multiple campaigns. However, one needs 3 or 4 languages to cover all of Switzerland. English is very much in use, especially in areas with many expats like Geneva or Zurich.

The second most visited site in Switzerland is Facebook.com; you have to consider it when creating your media plan.

Don’t forget that a campaign is always more efficient if it uses a variety of media. However, this year even more so than last year, you must make frequent assessments of your media allocations, at least every six months.

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