CPC (cost per click) advertising offers new opportunities to promote a brand and to multiply sales up to 12 times cheaper than in the United States. Every franc that is invested in this type of advertising can return up to ten times more than in traditional media.

In Switzerland, what is the cost of an ad that reaches 1,000 readers? It depends on the media, of course. Let us compare a few cases:

An ad in the Tribune de Genève or 24 Heures?
CHF 95.- depending on the placement.
In 20 Minutes ?
About CHF 35.-

This is surprising, since this amount does not even cover the printing costs. To get to this price, one has to agree with the statistics that count 2.5 readers for each newspaper copy.

What is the cost of 1,000 ad impressions on Google in Switzerland?
In ENIGMA’s experience, a national or local campaign rarely goes beyond CHF 5 per click.
And on Facebook? CHF 0.50 (yes: 50 centimes!) per click.
For this price, you also get an efficiency that does not compare with traditional newspapers. Whether we compare products, services, or political campaigns, we see that a franc that is invested on the web performs at least ten times better than on paper.

How do we explain such a low price? It’s simple: major web media are based on auctions. If many companies buy the same keyword for Internet searches, the price of this keyword goes up. Switzerland has yet another advantage: major actors are not yet interested in our online market, because it is complex—3 languages and only 7 million inhabitants.

Let us take an example: a campaign about insurance. In the U.S., where the system works well, you can pay up to $54 per click for the keyword “life insurance.” In Switzerland, in November 2010, which is a period to change health insurance, the keyword costs CHF 3.50 at the most.

Those companies that integrated a sizeable proportion of online advertising with the help of ENIGMA cannot do without it: their conversion rate jumped from 8 to 80%. There is an opportunity to seize before this best-kept secret is unveiled, and prices start climbing!