November 22, 2010


PEC, or Personal Emotion Connection is a personal, warm, and sincere relationship that is established with the target market. You become friends; you’re interested in their lives, their needs; you want to help make those dreams come true. implements this philosophy in ways that are described in a video that I shot when I visited their headquarters.

Employees that have to engage in a successful PEC need to be empowered. All participants in
agreed to say that successful WOM (word of mouth) communication relies on the power and trust granted to employees.

Learn more by reading Josh Bernoff’s latest book,
(by the author of Groundswell).

, we created the following PEC: instead of sending business cards to the teachers of this language school, the directors gave them by hand gift-wrapped cards. This was an opportunity for the directors to express their full trust. The result was obvious: unanimous support for the new corporate, and 40 teachers who promote their school and proudly distribute their new business cards.

Sometimes, small, simple and inexpensive actions make a huge difference.

To learn more about PEC, check out

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on November 22, 2010
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